Welcome to ThiruWorld

If you’ve ever felt like you’re floating through life without gaining a proper foothold anywhere, or plodding through it at a weary trudge, threatening to be buried forever under your own mess, or feel like you’ve been thrown onto Kaduwela Road behind the wheel of a small car with no horn, then you can’t be so different from me.

Sometimes you just get bogged down; you get stuck in a slovenly slump; it happens!

So join me in my endeavour to Get it Together. Getting it Together for me entails the following, at a minimum: putting my issues in perspective while not belittling them, enjoying the good times and not letting precious moments get away from me, and taking responsibility. Not too much to be getting along with, is it? Well, if you’re me, it is!

Thought that if I write about it for others to see, it’ll help me achieve it, and stick to it. Kind of like rehab.

I’m currently successfully on Day 4 of my ‘Lifestyle Change:’

  • Wake up earlier than the kids, get dressed and have some breakfast
  • Get them to school on time!
  • Eat healthy – no bingeing on crap
  • Work out every day
  • Start getting the household s#*t in order

Simple, yet satisfying. For those of you who have already got this under your belt, good for you! It’s much harder for some of us.

Proud to say that despite being currently husband-less (off saving the world and bringing home the bread), and largely maid-less due to unforeseen circumstances (a death in the family…a genuine death in the family; must make a note for future deaths in the family…in case the same person meets with the same unfortunate fate again), I have managed to more or less do the things on the list above, for 4 days.


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