Day 5 of the Lifestyle Change

Had a more or less ordinary night:

  1. Went to bed just too late
  2. A few interruptions:
  • almost-two-year-old (YaYa) wanting ‘milky’
  • almost-not-a-toddler-anymore (Squeaks) racing to our room in the wee hours claiming ‘I’m scared! Where are you? You’re supposed to stay with me!! Where did you go?!’ before I even heard anything on the baby monitor (she can run quite fast, that one) and then proceeding to steal all my pillows and somehow push me out of our king sized bed with no one else in it except myself and the kid…HOW??

Managed the 6.00am wake-up with much difficulty, and got them to school early – that’s an entire school week successfully done, hurrah!

Yet another maid-let-down with the part time daily lady coming down with a mysterious stomach bug; not that this affects me in the least anymore; in fact, I’m not even surprised. There’s a saving right there!

One ardent wish to perform mass murder on all and sundry involved in the bus depot at the top of our road, the drivers being at the top of the list. The Dexter in me is literally screaming to be released!

I know for a fact that they often block my path on purpose because I’m a girl – being a mother etc really makes no difference, unless you properly look the part…perhaps I should wear sari to drive the girls to school. I have in fact being taunted by one of them, who blocked me ALL the way to the following intersection and then when I finally passed him, stuck his grinning baboon face out of the window and wagged his finger at me! WTF?!

Ohm. Finished paying the bills and booked the car in for a full service, woo hoo! Worked out – thanks Jillian Michaels, you crazy cow (!!

Now I think I’m OK to face the rest of the day, although it promises to be a long one.

Take heart from this, one and all, and be strong:

Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa caused controversy on Saturday, when he said that violence against women is their own fault, and cannot be blamed on men.  To make it all the more remarkable, he made these comments at an event to promote World Women’s Day.”

If this doesn’t motivate you to work out and be strong, physically and mentally, I don’t know what will! Use the rage, be the best you can be.

Ain’t no rapists, blamers, bus drivers, thug politicians, thug politician condoned minion thugs, paint baas’ or let-down-maids gonna get the better of me!! So there.

Catch you on the other side of the weekend, which will certainly pose a challenge to the Lifestyle Change. Hopefully I will prevail, and all of you as well.


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