Week 4, Day 25: Still Going Strong

So I’ve managed almost a month of this!

And it’s going well. It’s becoming part of my life now, which is the whole idea really.

I think that once I feel settled in certain aspects of the Lifestyle Change, I will focus on other, somewhat neglected parts (see below); then little by little start incorporating new challenges.

  • The kids are now among the early-comers at school! This gives them more time to settle in, and more time to play with their friends from other age groups
  • Have been continuing with Jillian Michael’s Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi5mdHCN81c); I have discovered that the fitter you get, the harder this Level gets! Because you have the capacity to push harder, you end up more dead each time! At some point she says “I WANT YOU TO FEEL LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO DIE.” Yes, Jillian, I’ve had near death experiences almost every time I’ve done this Level. Thanks! Got one aerobics step class in to mix it up too (http://mumsibles.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/lets-take-a-step/) Looking forward to a mix of Level 2 and 3 next week…
  • Clothes seem like they MAY be fitting better!!
  • Have been controlling diet well except for just a little while ago, when I couldn’t resist my friend’s fresh home baked bread in the evening…
  • Household necessities have been somewhat neglected…sigh. This will be my focus next week –putting the dreaded HOUSE FILE in order (shudder).

In some good news, the husband will be returning soon for a 2 week break. Hurrah! Before that are Easter and Avurudu at school, which are loads of fun, especially since Archchi (grandma) will be preparing the treats and I’ll be doing the fun part of packaging (er…not everyone finds this fun; but I do; I’m weird like that). Will let you know how that goes…

Happy weekend all! Enjoy the cricket.

If you feel like challenging yourself  and attempting a change, check out my new pages, and watch out for upcoming pages on diet and exercise:








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