It’s All New Again

How strange it is, to visit this space after two not-so-long-years. So much has changed, and yet, so much is still the same.

The biggest change: I’m no longer in Sri Lanka. Our family has been living in Kyiv, Ukraine for one year now, and looking forward to a second year. Some challenges have remained the same, and others, inevitably, have changed. Still stay-at-home-mom of two kids? Check! Still struggling to remain fit, feel good and be productive? Check! Still trying to keep it together? Big, fat, CHECK.

New challenges: being away from friends and family; city life; smelly old lifts that get stuck; communication; new school for the kids; WINTER; no seatbelts. On the plus side, I have overall been quick to adapt, and survived my first Winter undaunted (Mother Nature was kind, bestowing a relatively mild one on me…).

A big change and major stress reliever: NO. MORE.DRIVING. Being smack in the centre of Kyiv, we decided not to get a car here. The kids take the school bus (Therefore they have gone from ‘always late’ to ‘never late’. Hurrah) and we just walk to most places.

Just a short one to get going again…I hope to explore some of my old pieces, both prose and poetry, which never made it here, alongside my new adventures!




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