(The Sri Lankan Driving Experience)

Giant bus, up my arse,
SUV on top of me;
Moto GP next to me,
starring Mr. Pee Vee Flea.

Look, look! Tuk tuk!
Trying to poke in every nook.
Tuk tuk, ‘Fool of a Took!’
stirring Balrog amidst the smog.

Road rage, savage;
only wreckage to salvage.

Somehow, there’s a cow,
an entire herd, in tow;
buffalo, what’d you know!
Weaving through the ebb and flow.
Horns blare, tempers flare
lunch steak, very rare!
Unperturbed, bovine;
serenity, divine.
Cattle vs. cattle;
there’s no winning this battle.

Tipper truck, carrying muck,
driven by a royal schmuck;
little man, thinks he can,
behind the wheel of a monster steel.

Forge ahead, at what cost?
people dead, lives lost.

Traffic traffic; manic panic!
of the State, of the Nation;
violation violation!
Degradation of the human condition.
No consideration or appreciation;
only instant gratification.
No imagination or inspiration
for rebellion or revolution.
Carry on, carrion!
Follow on, Follow on.


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