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I'm a Sri Lankan currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine. I love to write and draw, cook and eat :-). Having lived in Sri Lanka until 2015, my motivation to write often arises from my varied experiences and memories of home. This, along with my continual struggle to make sense of my chaotic mind and to cope with daily life, lured me to blog.


(The Sri Lankan Driving Experience)

Giant bus, up my arse,
SUV on top of me;
Moto GP next to me,
starring Mr. Pee Vee Flea.

Look, look! Tuk tuk!
Trying to poke in every nook.
Tuk tuk, ‘Fool of a Took!’
stirring Balrog amidst the smog.

Road rage, savage;
only wreckage to salvage.

Somehow, there’s a cow,
an entire herd, in tow;
buffalo, what’d you know!
Weaving through the ebb and flow.
Horns blare, tempers flare
lunch steak, very rare!
Unperturbed, bovine;
serenity, divine.
Cattle vs. cattle;
there’s no winning this battle.

Tipper truck, carrying muck,
driven by a royal schmuck;
little man, thinks he can,
behind the wheel of a monster steel.

Forge ahead, at what cost?
people dead, lives lost.

Traffic traffic; manic panic!
of the State, of the Nation;
violation violation!
Degradation of the human condition.
No consideration or appreciation;
only instant gratification.
No imagination or inspiration
for rebellion or revolution.
Carry on, carrion!
Follow on, Follow on.

Blood; runs; through my veins.

Blood; runs; through my veins.
Just like yours; just like yours.
You and I are quite the same;
heart and brain, heart and brain.

Remove my skin; what’s within
Flesh, muscle, sinew, bones.
Cut me; see? How my blood flows?
Just like yours; just like yours.

Why, why, these human laws?
To what avail, these human wars?
We are what we are; full of flaws.
Take pause; take pause.

Mother Nature; wrath unleash
Earth, water, wind and fire!
Death, destruction;
funeral pyre.

The mighty universe traverse,
with no gravity to this earth.
How miniscule our tiny lives!
A fraction in Time, to try to thrive…

Wasted, wasted; annihilated!
When dawning comes, it will be dated;
too late, and suffocated.
The human race, intimidated;
Permeated by hatred.

Blood; runs; through my veins.
Just like yours; just like yours.
Stained skeins; just remains
of vain and greedy human gain.