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(The Sri Lankan Driving Experience)

Giant bus, up my arse,
SUV on top of me;
Moto GP next to me,
starring Mr. Pee Vee Flea.

Look, look! Tuk tuk!
Trying to poke in every nook.
Tuk tuk, ‘Fool of a Took!’
stirring Balrog amidst the smog.

Road rage, savage;
only wreckage to salvage.

Somehow, there’s a cow,
an entire herd, in tow;
buffalo, what’d you know!
Weaving through the ebb and flow.
Horns blare, tempers flare
lunch steak, very rare!
Unperturbed, bovine;
serenity, divine.
Cattle vs. cattle;
there’s no winning this battle.

Tipper truck, carrying muck,
driven by a royal schmuck;
little man, thinks he can,
behind the wheel of a monster steel.

Forge ahead, at what cost?
people dead, lives lost.

Traffic traffic; manic panic!
of the State, of the Nation;
violation violation!
Degradation of the human condition.
No consideration or appreciation;
only instant gratification.
No imagination or inspiration
for rebellion or revolution.
Carry on, carrion!
Follow on, Follow on.

It’s All New Again

How strange it is, to visit this space after two not-so-long-years. So much has changed, and yet, so much is still the same.

The biggest change: I’m no longer in Sri Lanka. Our family has been living in Kyiv, Ukraine for one year now, and looking forward to a second year. Some challenges have remained the same, and others, inevitably, have changed. Still stay-at-home-mom of two kids? Check! Still struggling to remain fit, feel good and be productive? Check! Still trying to keep it together? Big, fat, CHECK.

New challenges: being away from friends and family; city life; smelly old lifts that get stuck; communication; new school for the kids; WINTER; no seatbelts. On the plus side, I have overall been quick to adapt, and survived my first Winter undaunted (Mother Nature was kind, bestowing a relatively mild one on me…).

A big change and major stress reliever: NO. MORE.DRIVING. Being smack in the centre of Kyiv, we decided not to get a car here. The kids take the school bus (Therefore they have gone from ‘always late’ to ‘never late’. Hurrah) and we just walk to most places.

Just a short one to get going again…I hope to explore some of my old pieces, both prose and poetry, which never made it here, alongside my new adventures!