Getting in Shape

In my experience, there’s only one way to get in shape – you have to imagine that you’re training for a Special Op!

You may not particularly want to be stick-thin model material, or fit enough to run marathons, but just healthy enough not to over-clog your arteries and wear some nice clothes and not feel suffocated in them, or self-conscious.

Whatever your reasons may be, and whatever level of fitness you may be at, getting in shape (or getting a bit more in shape) means you have to up your game. It’s probably not going to be easy.

Even if it’s a simple matter of reducing the quantities you eat, or what you eat; deciding not to binge or comfort-eat, or beginning to exercise once, twice, and then maybe thrice a week, it really can seem to be a mammoth task.

It’s important to know that once the hard part is overcome, and you’re reaping the benefits, you’ll wonder how you ever got along before…

Here’s Me

(this might help boost your confidence in an attempt to get in shape)

I’m personally not a skinny person; not at heart, nor in appearance. If you ask me, life wouldn’t be worth living if not for good food (the definition of ‘good food’ should not be skewed here)!

Also, now that I more or less know what works for me, diet and exercise wise (after a lot of trial and error; I mean YEARS), I know when an indulgence can be acceptable. The important thing is making an instance of indulgence really worthwhile, and making sure it’s a one-off, not continuing into days and weeks.

I’m thankful and fortunate not to suffer any kind of health issue that would tip me towards obesity, but nevertheless, I feel I would be a good candidate for it!


  • I love to eat
  • I like to drink (I used to love to drink, but having the responsibility of kids has put a stopper on that)
  • I don’t dislike any type of food (even greens or veggies)
  • I love to eat meat, even fatty meat and other fatty foods (but also fish and its derivatives :-))
  • I love sweets! I particularly love chocolate and anything chocolate-related
  • I can eat when I’m not hungry, and continuously
  • I DON’T lose weight when I’m nervous or stressed (unlike my husband – HOW??! He eats three times the amount of an ordinary person and sometimes even loses weight because he says he’s more the ‘nervous, stressed out’ type); in fact, I gain, by stuffing my face, not by building muscle
  • I tend to go into days upon days of inertia and stuffing myself with whatever is at hand (the quality of the food at this point is of no concern)
  • I never really feel like NOT-eating, unless I’m suffering some hideous stomach flu, which I’ve often longed for in my attempts to get in shape! I have EVEN considered going to Pettah (street food central, Sri Lanka) and eating from every dodgy kade there to acquire such a stomach bug

What I do have going for me is:

  • My metabolism must be alright (considering the sporadic battering it gets from my life’s habits, i.e: all of the above) or else I’d be rolling along Kaduwela Road by now
  • I actually like to exercise
  • Thank god I was borderline gestational diabetic during both my pregnancies, and had to control my food intake very strictly to avoid having to shoot myself with insulin, or else I certainly would have rolled into the delivery room

So, you may be like me in one or more ways mentioned above; or may have additional/other issues holding you back, or different positives going for you.

In any case, if you’re looking at this, you’re possibly considering a change in your lifestyle.

Why go through with it?

I’m not a nutritionist or a fitness instructor. I’m a stay-at-home mom with two small kids, who sometimes finds it hard to cope. I find that taking control of certain aspects of my life, one simple step at a time (see, is contributing towards an overall improvement in my quality of life.

The final optimistic outcome of this endeavour would be to try and get a grip of the things in my life that I do have control over, so that there is less left to the fates and the Universe (that can screw me over!).

If you try this, you might discover the same thing!

A major step for me is Getting in Shape:

What I’m trying to do here is share a few tips that have helped me to get somewhat in shape, and that I have to keep reminding myself of, in order to stay somewhat in shape. They’re not too technical and are just a guideline in layman’s terms; it’s impossible to cover all bases, and I wouldn’t even know how!

Let it be known that I have widely traversed the internet looking for solutions for myself (probably as much time as I spend working out!), and also have been generally sporty in the past so have a basic idea of what fitness entails.

However, even if you’ve had no experience whatsoever with sports at all in your life, and have never attempted to change your diet, this might help you nonetheless.

The only thing you really need is to WANT to do it.




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