General Points

Before I get onto the biggies, ‘diet’ and ‘exercise,’ here are a few general points that might help you on your way.

This Lifestyle Change is about feeling good about yourself. It’s about being stronger, more confident, capable and more energetic.

Weight loss will most likely be a bi-product of this.

Try not to make weight loss the aim of this enterprise. Why?

  • ‘Losing weight’ and changes on the scale don’t necessarily mean anything. Muscle weighs more than fat, so you may be toning up and getting trim, but the scale may say you’ve gained weight. You could be going about this the wrong way and losing muscle instead of fat, but the scales would say you’re losing weight.
  • A better measure is how your clothes fit; the best yet is how you feel!
  • A Lifestyle Change is much more sustainable and motivational than a ‘weight loss plan’

You do this on your terms; don’t let others dictate terms to you on this. It’s your thing, just for you.

You might find mock surprise, outright shock and sarcastic remarks coming your way from the most unexpected quarters. A lot of the time it is your ‘significant other’ who may consciously or unconsciously be doing this! Mothers, in-laws, distant relatives, work colleagues, your housekeeper, and even the next door neighbor could be added to the list

Here are a few comments you may want to look out for:

“Don’t bother inviting her to dinner, she eats only rabbit food now!”

“Darling, you’re looking rather drawn, are you eating enough?”

“That useless bugger isn’t drinking anymore, he’s gone soft”

“She used to be able to eat as much as me! But not anymore”

“What on earth are you doing flapping your arms in the middle of the hall! I want to watch TV!”

“Now I have to eat Chinese Dragon and Pizza Hut all by myself!”

“There’s a bloody drought in our house machan, the fridge is empty; not even a sausage in the freezer! She’s feeding me air!”

“Ha ha, she’s on one of those new programmes again! Let’s see how long it lasts this time! Want to bet??”

“You’re mad!”

  • Feel smug and assured that they may ridicule, but you’re the one who’s training for a Special Op; you’re the one who’ll be able to grab the kids and outrun them if a tsunami comes knocking on the door, and finally, you’re the one who’ll be turning heads when you’ve got this under way
  • Tell them to try it first, before they comment on what you’ve decided to do with your life!
  • Or just ignore them and look disdainful; this will probably have the best effect

I never thought these words would leave my lips, but in this endeavor, ALCOHOL WILL BE YOUR ENEMY.

Not only does it contain LOADS of unnecessary calories but it will also do the following:

  • Reduce your endurance and strength
  • Weaken your immune system
  • Reduce your resistance to temptation (you will eat loads while you’re drinking; then the next day after you’ve got over the disgusting hangover, you’ll eat even more, and probably continue doing so for many days to come)
  • Reduce your motivation (because you feel like crap)

You may be a seasoned drinker who always manages to work out or do sports despite imbibing copious amounts of alcohol. It never hindered you…

Stop drinking for a while and feel the difference. Your game will improve like you wouldn’t imagine!

That is not to say you must stop drinking altogether; if the occasion is worth it and what’s on offer is quality, go for it, but make it special. However, if you want better results and less setbacks, I’d say give it up at least at the beginning, let’s say for a month, till you get yourself in order. Then you can pick and choose your occasions.

Smoking probably won’t help you much either; but that’s another endeavor altogether…

As long as you’re doing your best in every aspect, that’s the most important thing. If you’re not, the only person losing out is YOU.


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